About us


To promote, integrate and potentiate learning, researching and extension activities on the theme of Climate Change.


To innovate and provide greater support for public policies and strengthen the relationship between science and society.


Ethic, respect, quality, responsibility, sustainability, high standards, learn, teamwork, interdisciplinarity.

Em inglês: INterdisciplinary CLimate INvestigation cEnter

INCLINE is a Climate Change Research Support Center, created in 2011 at the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil.

Since 1990, USP has been encouraging the creation of Research Support Centers (NAPs), with the aim of promoting greater communication and integration between the USP Units and several areas of knowledge, reinforcing joint research and interdisciplinarity.

Since its creation, INCLINE has been making advances in the production and dissemination of knowledge and promoting activities which consolidate aspects of innovation, internationalization and interdisciplinarity around the theme of global changes.

Environmental research is complex and involves a variety of topics, such as water, land, biodiversity, pollution, food security.

Climate Change adds to the complexity and enhances the discussion of environmental problems. There is a need for more comprehensive and interdisciplinary studies to aid decision-making and actions needed for the benefit of the planet and society.

In the Brazilian academic field, research groups such as INCLINE have been contributing to the discussion of Climate Change with contributions from many top scientists and universities.

There are currently 20 subprojects registered as part of INCLINE, organized into two categories:

A- Scientific bases

B- Impacts, adaptation and vulnerability

The organizational structure of INCLINE includes a General Coordinator (GC), a Deputy GC, a Deliberative Council, an Administrative Support Office and various subprojects, each consisting of at least one lead coordinator and several students, researchers and collaborators.


More about INCLINE coordinators

→ All lead coordinators are Professors at USP and hold a Doctor degree; many are also Full Professors, being on the top of the academic career;
→ All are renowned scientists and considered as a national reference in their respective research areas;
→ All have important connections with international research groups and scientists from top institutions abroad;
→ All have extensive experience in supervising, guiding, teaching, leading, motivating and training team members;
→ All have demonstrated experience in project management, planning and reporting;
→ All have numerous important scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals;
→ Most have also published various book chapters;
→ Many have experience in leading field campaigns in Brazil;
→ Many have occupied important positions (e.g. Director of Institute, Head of Department, Graduate Program Coordinator), demonstrating their abilities to effective manage financial, physical and human resources;
→ Some are members of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC) - an honorific scientific society which admits, through a rigorous selection process, the most legitimate representatives of the national scientific community;
→ Some are members of the Academy of Sciences of the State of São Paulo (Aciesp), which contributes to the development of the basic and applied sciences, particularly in the State of São Paulo;
→ Many have received various national and international awards, recognizing their invaluable contribution to the progress of Science in their area;
→ Prof. Dr. Tercio Ambrizzi, General Coordinator of INCLINE, was Director of IAG-USP (2009-2013) and have occupied the position of Mayor of the USP Capital Campus (2015).