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Transforming Universities for a Changing Climate (Climate-U)

    This project has the following central objectives:

  • To support local action on climate change in Brazil, Fiji, Kenya and Mozambique through the creation of participatory action research groups in universities;
  • To assess existing coverage of climate change in the curricula, research and community engagement activities of universities in the four countries;
  • To contribute to theory and understanding of the impact of higher education on climate change and sustainable development;
  • To build and strengthen national, regional and global university networks and knowledge exchange on climate change.
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Climate change and society: the awareness challenge

This project produced an educational website and booklet entitled “Climate change and society”, including texts in accessible language for the lay public and original illustrations produced especially for this publication. The e-book version is available for free download at www.climaesociedade.iag.usp.br.


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Mosquito population modelling for early warning system and rapid health authority response (MEWAR)

The MEWAR is a new trans-interdisciplinary project which seeks to bring together digital public health, computer sciences, urban water/waste sanitation treatment technologies, meteorology and climate modelling to one arena in order to evaluate the impacts of broader climatic and environmental changes on breeding habitats for mosquito-borne arboviruses in Northeast Brazil. This project is an international consortium led by renowned academics from Brazil, Turkey and United Kingdom; the research situates itself in two major cities that were hit hard by the Zika Virus epidemic in 2016, Recife (Pernambuco) and Campina Grande (Paraiba).
Read more: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/risk-disaster-reduction/research-projects/2020/sep/mosquito-population-modelling-early-warning-system-and-rapid-health

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