I Early Career Symposium on Marine Biogeochemical Modelling

13-14 January 2021


Below you can find the recorded keynote talks and slides as presented:

Dr Pedro Leite da Silva Dias (IAG-USP, Brazil)

  • "Coupling of the physics and dynamics processes in weather and climate forecasting models"
  • Video | Slides

  • Dr Elisa Lovecchio (NOC, UK)

  • "3D cycling of organic matter in upwelling regions: driven by small scales, impacting on large scales"
  • Video | Slides

  • Dr Adrian Martin (NOC, UK)

  • "Does size matter in the ocean?"
  • Video | Slides

  • Dr Carolina Barnez Gramcianinov (IAG-USP, Brazil)

  • "Assessing Ediacaran chemical weathering flux scenarios modelling Lithium isotope with a 1-box model"
  • Video | Slides

  • Dr Jamie D. Wilson (University of Bristol, UK)

  • "Modelling past plankton ecosystems and the carbon cycle with the EMIC GEnIE"
  • Video | Slides

  • Dr Iris Kriest (GEOMAR, Germany)

  • "A simple model of oceanic P-, N- and O2-cycles: its transient spinup behaviour and sensitivity to boundary conditions"
  • Video | Slides