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Second Workshop on Regional Climate Modeling and Extreme Events over South America (05 a 09 novembro 2018)


Click here to load the Workshop agenda. Last update: Nov 02, 2018.

Monday, 05 Nov 2018: Activities start at 9am.

Tuesday to Friday, 06 to 09 Nov 2018: Activities start at 9:30am.

ICTP announcement

Link: http://indico.ictp.it/event/8636/

Youtube transmission

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  • Erika Coppola: Regional Earth System Climate modelling at ICTP: current status and future prospective current
  • Silvina Solman: CORDEX overview & At which scales can added value be expected in Regional Climate Models?
  • Maria Laura Bettolli: Statistical Downscaling in La Plata Basin
  • Michelle Reboita: Synthesis of some climate studies in South America with RegCM4
  • Graziano Giuliani: Earth System Modeling Atmospheric component & Installing RegCM4 & Localizing RegCM4


  • Rosmeri Porfirio da Rocha: RegCM applications in South America: from regional to local features of climate
  • Erika Coppola: Convective Permitting climate modeling: benefits and challenges for climate change projections
  • Chou Sin Chan: Downscaling projections of climate change over South America and Central America under RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 emission scenarios
  • Raffaele Francesca: Which is the best metric to use to answer my science question?


  • Tercio Ambrizzi: Global Climate Change: impacts and projections for São Paulo
  • Marta Llopart: Evaluation of RegCM4 simulations over South America CORDEX domain – focusing on the AMZ and LPB Basins
  • Jan Stryhal: Validation of atmospheric circulation in CMIP5 GCMs over southern South America
  • Radan Huth: Comparison between dynamical and statistical downscaling: Focus on temporal & spatial aspects


  • Santiago Vianna Cuadra: Impacts of bias correction over climate change projections applied to crop yield simulations
  • Moira Evelina Doyle: Using VIC model to estimate streamflow from downscaled data
  • Rita Ynoue: Modeling Air Quality in São Paulo with WRF-CHEM
  • Marcelo Barreiro: Regional climate dynamics and air-sea interaction

  • FRIDAY, 09 NOV - Group Presentations

  • Everaldo De Souza - J. Pablo Fernandez - Deniz Bozkurt: Extreme rainfall events in eastern Amazon: 2011 case study
  • Rodrigo Yamamoto - Bruna Silva - Gyrlene Mendes - Cristina Silva - Helber Gomes: Heavy rainfall episode over the eastern northeast of Brazil during May/2017
  • Carlos Navarro - Miguel Trejo - Rodrigo Ribeiro: Heat-Waves Impacts in the State of Bahia, Brazil (1998-2008)
  • Balmaceda Rocio - Collazo Soledad - Martin Feijoó - Mercedes Poggi: A case study on a mesoscale convective system and a heat wave event over SESA
  • Cristina Davila - Christian Barreto - Gustavo De La Cruz - Christian Yarleque: Assessing the 1998 and 2017 El Niño impacts in Peru using regCM4
  • Edilson Marton, Luiz Filipe de Assis Tavares - Pedro Regoto de Souza: Atmospheric patterns in 1985 and 2015`s extreme wet and dry january
  • Alan Rosales - Camila Abe - Decker Guzmán - Eduardo Jesus - Humberto Ramos: Investigating the effects of topography and land cover on atmospheric variables over South and Southeast Brazil
  • Katiusca Estébanez - Juliana Mancio - Marina Noro - Paula Birocchi: The effects of SST increase on precipitation regimes in the south/southeast coast of Brazil
  • Julian Giles - Matilde Ungerovich - Magdalena Falco: Sensitivity of RegCM4 summer Precipitation and Temperature in SACZ: Resolution vs parametrization
  • Melissa Ruiz Vásquez - María Lizeth Rendón: How RegCM represents the Catarina Hurricane occurred in March 2004
  • José Roberto Leite - Danilo A. Silva - Victor de Aguiar: Precipitation Validation on S-E Continental Shelf to be Used as Input to Estimate River Discharge
  • Andressa Cardoso - Carolina B. Gramcianinov: Case study of the effect of cumulus parametrization in the subtropical cyclone Eçai (2016)
  • Felipe Roque - Juan Colonese - Wanderson Silva: Climate simulation over south-southeastern Brazil from 1981 to 2000
  • Felipe J. Medeiros - Gerson Camillo - Maria L. Silva: Dynamic downscaling over Northeast Brazil using a regional climate model: impact of different cumulus parameterizations on simulated rainfall
  • Erika Coppola - Graziano Giuliani - Raffaele Francesca: ICTP Team