INterdisciplinary CLimate INvestigation cEnter

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Technological innovation, bioenergy and sustainable productions systems and their contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases

This project addresses how technological innovation in agricultural production should strengthen the synergies among different feedstock production systems, lower carbon footprint and create new business ventures based on bioenergy and bioproducts, while mitigating the consequences of global climate change. It is based on examples from sugarcane, forestry and other feedstock from Brazil, where multiple feedstock production systems are being deployed for the production of bioenergy, biofuels and bioproducts, creating operational models for biorefineries.

Feeding nine billion people in 2050 will require the development of newagricultural models, new technologies and innovative ways of delivering an array of bioproducts from multi-functional agricultural landscapes. Innovation at different feedstock chains should be aimed at reduction of carbon emissions and water consumption, and thus contributing to environmental services.