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Biogeochemical cycles and water resources

The research goals are to quantify the consequences of the land use changes, and the global and natural oscillations of climate, in the hydrological and carbon cycles of brazillian ecosystems, with the purpose to quantify the environmental services especially associated to the water production, flood control, water quality and ecosystem productivity. We will use techniques of land terrestrial ecosystem modelling, rainfall-runoff modelling, and monitoring of ecosystems with flux towers and automated wifi geosensors. Several ecossystems are adressed, especially those in the biomes of Amazonia, Cerrado and Atlantic Forest, and agricultural systems of sugar cane, eucaliptus and pastures. We will adress large scale patterns of fluxes and greenhouse gases concentration in Brazil, using field data consistent with modelling estimations, and a data assimilation algorithm (Carbon tracker), with a consortium of institutions (USP, Embrapa, IPEN, INPE, DAEE, IBt) (Universidade de Leeds e NOAA).