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Environmental governance

The research group on Environmental Governance: institutional, social, territorial and educational dimensions – GovAmb USP is composed by professors of the Graduate Program of Environmental Science and other units of USP (Geosciences, Oceanography, Environmental Management of the School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities. It approaches different aspects of environmental governance, understanding this as a dynamic that mediates the relations between State and Society, as a space of construction of alliances and cooperation, but also permeated by conflicts that arise from the social assymetries and its impacts in the environment. It also considers the forms of resistance, organization, and participation of the different stakeholders involved at the local and global scale.

Several articulated themes compose the scope of this group of researchers: Shared management of water resources in Brazil, social Learning in Water Governance, Water Footprint, Valuation of Ecossystemic Services, Coastal Management, Environmental Planning and risk management in extractive industries, Collective Management of Natural Resources, Geopolitics of the Environment, Climate Change and Instruments of Environmental Management, Public Policies of Environmental Education in Latin America and Climate Changes.