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Link to access the data:

General instructions:

In the left corner of this website it is possible to filter the desired data according to different categories (exemplos: Project, Product, Domain, Institute, etc). After selecting a filter, click on “Search” to return what is available. Repeat this process until you have included all the desired filters. The final search will return everything available according to these filters.

Below is an example of data selection:

  • Project: CORDEX
  • Domain: SAM-22
  • Variable: pr (precipitação)
  • RCM Model: RegCM4-7

     CORDEX exemplo

    To obtain the data, you can click on WGET Scriptand download a *.sh file that you should use to download the CORDEX data. Just run the script (on a Linux or Mac OS X operating system) and enter your OpenID and password.


    Other information and references:

    Data are in NetCDF format and available for the entire South American domain (SAM) in which the simulation was performed.

    Recent papers describing some CORDEX simulations:

  • Ambrizzi, T. M. S. Reboita; R. P. da Rocha; M. Llopart (2019): The state of the art and fundamental aspects of regional climate modeling in South America. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, v. 1436, p. 98-120.

  • Llopart, M.; M S. Reboita; R. P. da Rocha (2020): Assessment of multi-model climate projections of water resources over South America CORDEX domain. Clim Dyn 54, 99–116 (2020).

    Llopart et al. (2020) cite other recent studies that used CORDEX simulations in South America. These papers can be useful to get an initial idea of the quality of these climate projections.

    Additional guidance for downloading the data can be obtained at: